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We have three to four couples who volunteer here during the winter. Castle Dome is off the grid but there are 55 kw of solar panels that run 30 amp service electric sites for the RV sites. We buy the propane for the water heater and refrigerator.

Volunteers work 3 days a week. They run the entrance and gift shop doing light cleaning of the museum and various museum campers We dress up inre-enactment clothing and re-enact Castle Dome stories. We have town days - the stamp mill runs and the piano plays.

The work campers for volunteers they come for the winter now if anybody else wants to volunteer they could come for the day a week or whatever time you have, you would be welcome and we will keep you busy. Re-anacting is fun and we always welcome folks that want to join in.

There is plenty to do to keep you entertained on the days that you are not volunteering, hiking biking, 4 wheeling etc. We are far enough away to have peace and serenity and close enough to town so you can do what you want there.

Volunteers should use email -

Castle Dome Museum
Castle Dome Mine Rd., Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone 928 920-3062 - Email us