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Ongoing Projects

The proiects we are going forward with now are the finishing touches on the stamp mill, we will be opening one of the 300 mines for folks to tour, accompanred part way. The re-enactors practice. and we all participate in writing new skits; stories from Castle Dome, and fun stuff.arizona desert museum mining tools of the old west

Work is being done on the new area at the Hull Mine. All the buildings are on the original foundations and arizona attactionstimbers are being brought in to shore up part of the mine itself. The area has the infamous Two Gun Saloon as well as the undertaker next door. The Del Monico was rumored to be the fanciest restaurant west of Denver is located near by.

These are some of the many projects that are happening at Castle Dome Museum that need the help of our volunteers. If you have some skills and have time on your hands consider becoming a part of the team.

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