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historic mines There are about 300 mines in the Castle Dome Mining district. The ore is in a fault zone and has been mined to the depth of 700 ft. The ore is in a highly mineralized zone, with about 30 minerals having been identified in the mines. Many of the artifacts in the museum have come from underground. including the 1889 Levis, miners clothing, powder boxes, drill steel, dynamite spoons, tamping rods, candle holders, notes, canned goods, tools, ore cars, ore buckets and old bottles (bottles dating from 1874). Ghost Town Arizona

The town sits on 3 patented mining claims, the Floral Temple, Floral Temple extension and the Castle Dome.

The Hull mine is 10 patented claims and we're working on opening this as a part of the museum. The Hull mine was last worked in 1990, they tied into the old workings of the Railroad mine. This mine is a solid hard rock mine, that goes down to the 750 foot vertical level. At the hundred foot vertical level there is multi 8 foot wide horizontal drifts 50 foot ceilings with cobalt blue fluoride crystals, exposed fishers landing day tripSilver Galena, ore shutes, stopes (Stoping is the process of extracting the desired ore or other mineral from an underground mine, leaving behind an open space known as a stope.[1] Stoping is used when the country rock is sufficiently strong not to collapse into the stope, although in most cases artificial support is also provided.), track with ore cars, harness room, shop areas for blacksmithing, work platforms, vertical shafts with sunlight shining through and multiple areas with fluorescent minerals.

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