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About Us

Castle Dome Museum is a non-profit museum/ghost town dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Castle Dome City. Castle Dome city sits on a location changed little by time allowing people to visit a true time capsule of old west history.

"Castle Dome was just one celebrated gunfight from being an international touristold west towns to visit destination....all the other elements were there - booming silver mines, a rowdy populace with a colorful cast of characters and plenty of gunplay. For example, there was a shootout in 1898 over a stolen windless, and another in 1901, when a new guy came to town and shot Juan Liego over a woman, but there is much more to these stories than we read on the surface....but today, what Castle Dome Mines Museum does better than any other ghost towns, historical districts, or traditional museums - is provide an authentic glimpse into everyday life in an old Arizona mining town"
The Arizona Republic
Roger Naylor December 2011

There are over 50 weather-beaten buildings that give you the impression that you just discovered a lost city.

Castle Dome sits on the second patented mine in 1871 and it is the longest worked mining district colorado river adventuresin the state. We found alot of artifacts they left behind. These items have told us, some amazing things happened here. There are over 300 mines in the Castle Dome District We have explored all the mines and have pulled out most of the artifacts for the museum The town sits on 3 patented mining claims the Floral Temple, Floral Temple extension and the Castle Dome. We just finished restoring the three stamp mill so that should be running this winter . We just bought the Hull mine which is 170 acres so we're expanding the museum over there and plan to do underground mine tours.

The last legitimate miners left Castle Dome around 1979, but soon after that others came to scam mine investors. In 1998 the museum opened. In 1998- October 31, Fish and Wildlife decided to take out everything that was left from the Castle Dome mining era. We asked permission to salvage everything we could from the manager. We got permission and did so. There were buildings, artifacts, and piles of wood. There wasn't a shortage of Castle Dome mining history - the old newspapers documented well what happened at Castle Dome - who lived here, when, who owned mines, how much silver ore was removed etc. Thus, we moved and collected everything possible, researched the history, and were fortunate enough to even meet folks who lived, and worked here. The best way to put it - Castle Dome City was salvaged, the history was preserved. Another piece of America's old west days is remembered. The mining began in 1864, and ended when the silver prices dropped in 1979 -the silver ore was mixed with lead, and the process to separate the 2 was costly, but there was always a profit until the separating process cost more than the silver was worth. Things to do near Yuma, Arizona for the museum. There's over 300 mines out here so we explored all the mines and pulled most of the artifacts out for the museum.

Castle Dome City was once bigger than Yuma. Some of the mines had everything left in them and were just like they quit working yesterday , so we were able to restock the town nicely .

Castle Dome Museum
Castle Dome Mine Rd., Yuma, AZ
Phone 928 920-3062 - Email us