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A lot of the artifacts and stuff that we found have come from Castle Dome Mining District. things to do near Yuma

Many of the artifacts have been found in the Castle Dome mining district. The Stone Cabin collection are items that belonged to the sisters, Flo and Billie who ran the cafe and gas station on Hwy.95 from 1953-1988. Mining tools, such as ore buckets, ore cars, an elevator, a warning bell, winches, a turntable, forge and stamp mill and other large tools were left behind.

Carmelita's Cantina has some of thearizona historical area last primitive mining tables built by miners from the 1800's .The mercantile is full of the last remaining food cans from the 1800's from Castle Dome. The old carbide cans and powder boxes are from Castle Dome.

The machine shop has the original lathe and shaver that came through here in 1905 .arizona museums The Saw shop has a couple hundred original local saws. Many of the old bottles from the local brewers bore the names - Cooper, Hawkins. The bottles were recycled. They were sent back to the family whose name was stamped on the bottom, filled and ready for another round. Some items have come back home via donations; for example, a few bunkbeds from the original bunk house, and tools that belonged to Lyman Wall, Castle Dome's last legitimate miner..


       The Buildings of Our City
All Loaded with Artifacts from the Era

Adams Cabin
Diggers Room
Barber Shop
Carmelita's Cantina
Stone Cabin
Blacksmith Shop
Machine Shop
Dress Shop
Saw Shop
1960 Trailer
Fifties Diner
Dentist Doctors Office
Assay Shop
Lyman Walls Display Room
Shoe Shop
Photographers Cabin
Post Office
Bunkhouse Shower House

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